New Tool Quickly Creates High-Value “Affiliate Authority Stores” That Suck In Traffic, Build Your List, And Practically Force People to Buy in 2018!

Watch as we quickly create and profit from fully customizable Wordpress affiliate stores with the new upgraded version of the #1 store builder:

Before you waste MORE time and money struggling with the latest shiny tool or loophole...

or build another boring, doomed affiliate ecommerce store, read this:


If you’re still trying to make money with copycat affiliate stores stuffed with fake reviews and copy/pasted product listings… your days are numbered.

People are tired of that crap…

…and the truth is…

People Will Only Buy From Authority
Stores and Sites That Give Them an
Awesome Shopping Experience Now.

I'm talking affiliate sites that are loaded with value and provide a better experience than even the original listing can (forcing people to come to YOUR site first and subscribe longterm).

Sites that have things like; price comparisons options, price discount alert notifications, real time discounts with up-to-date prices, orginial content, and plenty of quality product choices from multiple networks in one...

...just to get the ball rolling.

This is what shoppers DEMAND from stores in 2018 so they can make informed decisions and what Google and Facebook WANT to reward with traffic and engagment.

When you create an authority store that has these awesome shopping experiences and provides big-time value… can quickly break away from the fierce competition and start filling your pockets with affiliate cash.

Now, I know what you're thinking at this point...

"...Is it Too Late for a New Affiliate Marketer to Still Succeed Online Quickly?"

It turns out affiliate marketing is STILL the easiest way to profit in 2018, especially promoting eCommerce products! Why?


There's more niches and products now than ever to choose from. Plus, shoppers now make 51% of their purchases on the web - more people are buying physical products online than ever!


250 million people will shop online this year - it doesn’t matter about the competition, because there’s tons of traffic and buyers to go round!


It’s much easier to sell physical products than digital products and services - people don’t need to be sold or persuaded into buying... just show them where to buy!


Being an ecommerce affiliate means you don’t need to stock products, worry about payment processors, or do any kind of order fulfillment - get paid when people click and buy through your affiliate links instead!

How Can We Be So Sure this Works?

01First, it's common sense.

  • There's more high-quality products online than ever to promote and more people than ever doing their shopping purely online making demand not an issue.
  • Plus, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., are built to reward authority and value now. There's no room anymore for traditional copy/paste niche affiliate sites that offer nothing the orginial product listings can't offer.

02We actually do affiliate marketing for a full-time living.

  • We're making $300,000+ per year in pure net profit from affiliate marketing only. Check out some stats in just one network:

And our students have been able to get their first wins online as well:

Pretty soon, you can start making monthly ecommerce affiliate commission just like these bloggers are:

I guess you can say we know what we're talking about when it comes to affiliate marketing today. We know what works and more importanlty, what's GOING to work in the future.

But, Here's the Issue:

  • As of today, there's no software that can build a true authority, traffic-pulling
    ecom affiliate store.
  • Sure, there are some that pull images, listing descriptions, and can even
    import products from several affiliate networks at once.
  • But, there's nothing that is truly push-button easy and simaltaniously gives
    the potential buyer a REASON to subscribe and seek out your store vs just
    going to the orginial listing on Amazon, AliExpress, BestBuy, etc. and buying
  • So, we took the previous, most-advanced store builder software, Multistore
    Builder, and upgraded it to an entirely new ultra, affiliate marketing
    that comes with in-depth affiliate education, too.



Alterzon is an all-in-one affiliate marketing solution divided into two parts, a groundbreaking educational training and cutting-edge Wordpress based software.

You're getting...

Part 1. The Alterzon Software

First, you're getting access to the Alterzon software plugin. For the first time quickly create authority affiliate stores loaded with hot selling products and cutting-edge features 'all-in-one' to pull the traffic and convert it hands-free.

Watch How Easy it is to Use:

The Alterzon Software is Packed with
Powerful Features to Get Free Traffic and
Convert Visitors into Buyers Like Never Before:

Import Products from 6 Major Affiliate Networks

One-click import the products you believe in or bulk import multiple products at once from Aliexpress, Amazon, Bestbuy, eBay, Walmart, and Commission Junction, all encoded with your unique affiliate ID.

Crush your competitors by giving your visitors more choices and become an instant authority store in any niche.

Explode your Google traffic. The more products and content your store has, the more you’ll show up in Google’s search results for buyer related keywords.

Price Comparison Engine

Visitors can quickly check the price of each product on other websites, without ever leaving your store. They check via the search box or a listing will appear next to the orginial product you've imported.

Automatically give visitors the best deal so they always buy from you, nobody else.

Price Drop Email Notification Technology

If a product is “too expensive” for your visitors they can 1-click subscribe to your site and email list and get notified when the price has dropped by a certain percent or a certain discount they choose automatically.

Plus, if the product was out of stock you can send email alerts when it comes back in stock, too!

This email notification technology can help build your list to remarket to over and over giving users a reason to give you their email.

You can fully customize each email with pro templates and shortcodes including:

  • Product out of stock
  • Product back in stock
  • Product custom price drop alert created
  • Product added to your wish list
  • Product price dropped

Social Syndication Price Drop Technology:

With Alterzon, the traffic is built in.

Not only can you autopost to Facebook and Twitter when you import a new product, but in a world’s first, you can autopost to Facebook and Twitter when the price drops for that product or when it’s back in stock and available to buy.

Shop and Import by Realtime Discounts

Check out if the product you're importing is currently on sale or discounted.

Plus, allow your visitors can filter products by their maximum price drop or saving, in $ or % amounts creating a great shopping experience.

Advanced Customization and Control

Works seamlessly with Wordpress and WooCommerce, so it's ultra flexible to help your business stand out and get traffic.

Customize the post title, description and meta-info to make each listing 100% unique and rankable.

Add your own content, reviews, and bonuses to guarantee people seek out your affiliate link to buy from you.

Plus, tap into the power of Wordrpess and integrate with millions of with other plugins.

Customer Wishlist Cart

Allow users to sort by discount or relevance, then create a 'Wishlist' account to add products to buy later. 10x your store ROI and earn repeat buyers and visitors with this groundbreaking feature.

Plus, Even More Powerful, Features Like...

Know Exactly What's Going to Make Money

See every keyword that people enter in your store’s searchbox, showing you exactly what they want to buy and products you should add.

‘Built-in’ Social Proof

Boost sales by importing web reviews for any product or allow your visitors to leave their OWN testimonial or comment on your site.

Cutting-Edge SEO Technology

  • Creates traffic—getting stores that are packed with SEO power.
  • Edit tags, title, description, and more to supercharge your rankings.
  • Dominate Google for thousands of low hanging keywords.
  • No more blowing cash on advertising.
  • No more slaving over endless content.

Advanced Shortcode Technology

Use simple shortcodes to import strings of products from any affiliate network.

Great for promoting multiple products at once and maximizing sales.

Simple Product Organizer

Organize your store’s product inventory using simple categories right inside Wordpress

Auto-Price Updating

Unlike other store builders, always showcase the most up-to-date prices of the products so they accurately reflect the orginial listing on the network they are being sold.

Backend Store Reports

Get full control over what’s happening inside your store with reporting logs. Keep track of critical data, such as auto price updates, price drops, product imports, and more.

Create Multiple Store License

Why stop with one store? Now you can create an endless stream of money-making stores, pulling in free clicks and passive sales every single day.

And far more!

Finally, Create Professional, Authority eCommerce Sites that Stand Out with a Push Of a Button:

Check out some example sites we quickly set-up with Alterzon in just a few minutes:

Example Biking Store

view demo

Example Fashion Store

view demo


Launch your first authority store in a couple of clicks, full of hot selling products encoded with your unique affiliate IDs


Get store visitors with advanced 'built-in' traffic features and authority value status.


Give your visitors an awesome shopping experience that turns them into lifetime subscribers and buyers

  • Alterzon Software
  • Alterzon Affiliate Authority Training
  • No monthly fees
  • Quick start tutorials
  • Full customer support

Zero learning curves

Automatically create value-driven stores in seconds and dive right into the money—making action

Unlimited PASSIVE income potential

Create as multiple stores and multiply your income with each one!

No technical skills required

Fully Wordpress based, just click and tap your way to profitable stores, in minutes!

No monthly fees or hidden “gotchas”

Get access today for no monthly fees, before we have to raise the price!

No advertising budget required

Everything you need to start getting free traffic is including in-depth affiliate education on

100% success guarantee, or it’s FREE

Start making real money with your first Authority Stores, or you get it free.

Plus, to Guarantee You Make Passive Affiliate Income, You're Also Getting...


  • This multi-module HD video training program contains our biggest secrets for creating an affiliate business that makes passive income and works longterm. It's packed with the latest tricks, shortcuts, and proven methods that most people will never know about.
  • We have never released this in public before — and probably never will. This is our PRIVATE playbook for successfully promoting ecommerce products, information products, software products, and more.
  • Ben is a top 10 best affiliate, so you can only imagine the value you'll get!
  • It's integrated on so it's easy to track your progress, take notes, and get the most out of the training:

    You’ll see….

    • What types of 'niches' work today and our 4 step forumla for finding yours and profiting longterm
    • How to stand out from thousands of other affiliates who are promoting the same products as you and other listing sites
    • How and where to get the 'traffic' to your sites, even if your brand new and not an 'authority' in your space.
    • We're rapidly building an email list of subscribers to profit from longterm and you'll see the fastest methods to build your own
    • The 5 elements of a successful affiliate promotion (If you forget 1 of these, your campaign probably won't make money)
    • The 'Onion Strategy' to dominating your space quickly, guaranteeing you get traffic and repeat buyers
    • The difference between evergreen affiliate campaigns and limited-time ones and how to do both correctly
    • How to create and use high-value bonuses, even for ecommerce products, to 3x-4x your profit
    • How to make passive income long-term from all your stores…
    • The 'Tim Ferriss' strategy for creating a product review listing so that it profits passively for multiple years.
  • Just like you, we started from scratch with no 'expertise' and no list. But instead of struggling for years, let us show you our biggest secrets, so you can save yourself years of frustration and jump straight into the money.

How Much Money Can You Really Make With This?

Here’s a worst-case scenario…

Let’s say you’re making a measly $5 in commissions from one of your products in your store with very low traffic.

With just 1 product in your store, you only need to make 4 sales a day to hit $150 per week… and that’s with just 1 product!

Of course, it doesn’t really happen like this…

In reality, you’ll scoop up dozens of sales per day from all kinds of products listed in your store and other products the buyer bought since they were cookied with your link.

The money adds up fast…

Product 1(pays $5 per sale) Product 2(pays $5 per sale) Product 3(pays $5 per sale)
Monday 1 2 1
Tuesday 2 1 1
Wednesday 1 3 1
Thursday 0 0 1
Friday 2 0 0
Saturday 1 0 1
Sunday 2 4 0

Total weekly sales = 24 units pays $5 each

Total weekly income = $120

That’s $120 per week passively… with just 3 little products and low traffic!

Imagine the Kind of Cash You Could Be Making with HUNDREDS of Products in Your Store and with HUNDREDS of Different Stores?

It’s a simple numbers game…

…the more products you list, the more exposure you’ll get in Google, and the more people will visit your store and buy.

And the more stores you have…

… the more money you make.

Are you getting excited yet?

Want to make $100,000 per year?

Easy… just rinse and repeat while building a solid brand and following for each store the new technology provides!

In the past, creating just one profitable store would have taken months or even YEARS…

…but not anymore…

Order now, before the next price increase…


Launch your first authority store in a couple of clicks, full of hot selling products encoded with your unique affiliate IDs


Get store visitors with advanced 'built-in' traffic features and authority value status.


Give your visitors an awesome shopping experience that turns them into lifetime subscribers and buyers

  • Alterzon Software
  • Alterzon Affiliate Authority Training
  • No monthly fees
  • Quick start tutorials
  • Full customer support

Zero learning curves

Automatically create value-driven stores in seconds and dive right into the money—making action

Unlimited PASSIVE income potential

Create as multiple stores and multiply your income with each one!

No technical skills required

Fully Wordpress based, just click and tap your way to profitable stores, in minutes!

No monthly fees or hidden “gotchas”

Get access today for no monthly fees, before we have to raise the price!

No advertising budget required

Everything you need to start getting free traffic is including in-depth affiliate education on

100% success guarantee, or it’s FREE

Start making real money with your first Authority Stores, or you get it free.

Newbie to Experts Agree, Alterzon is
Finally the 'All-in-One' Affiliate Solution
We've All Been Waiting For...

Alterzon Builds True “Authority Stores”
that Attract and Convert Visitors Using
Cutting-edge Technology:


If your store isn’t useful to people…

… why would they bother visiting or buying from you?

What’s stopping people from bypassing your website and heading straight for Amazon, or the official product’s website?

The secret is to create a store that people find useful… a store that gives them all the product choices, discounts and information they need… all in one place.

That’s exactly the kind of store Alterzon can build for you in seconds from now.

How Much is Alterzon Really Worth…?

If you're still reading I'm guessing this software and training is something that can highly benefit you and the issue now stopping you from purchasing is a fiscal one.

So first, let's go over theoretically how much we should charge for Alterzon before we reveal the incredbly discounted price it's available for now.

First, the Alterzon Affiliate Authority training alone is special because as we're actaully super affiliates that know what works and what doesn't.

We're doing this full-time and clearly outline the blueprint and direction to take to do this for yourself in 2018 whether it's succeeding with affiliate ecom products, information ones, software ones, or any other niche or type of product you ever want to promote.

There's courses sold on a regular basis for $1997 in which the creators didn't make 1/100th of what we make (and many that only make money selling their courses, not doing affiliate marketing!)

That doesn't even include the software...

Second, you're also getting the advanced software to build full affiliate ecom authority stores. It cost us significant money to make these many features come together all under one hood AND integrate with Worpress and WooCommerce seemlessly.

We could EASILY charge $497 per year for something like this... giving a total value of $2949 with ongoing $497 per year charge for the value you're getting today.


Bonus #1: The Cutting Edge SEO Mastery Home Course

Inside this complete and brand new Cutting Edge SEO Mastery, you will learn all of the strategies to help you get more free traffic from Google towards your e-Commerce store. Despite all of the lies out there, you can still make SEO work for you if done right, and it can be a treasure trove of free traffic.

Here is what is included in this training program...

  • Video 1 - Overview of SEO: Gain a broad view of SEO, so you can start to see what is working now.
  • Video 2 - What Is Working Now: Discover what SEO strategies are working right now, and what strategies you should be employing for long term success.
  • Video 3 - Mobile Optimization: This is such a vital part of your overall SEO success, and you need to know this if you have any desire to achieving free search engine traffic.
  • Video 4 - Effective Keyword Research: Learn how to find and target keywords like a seasoned SEO master! Targeting the right keywords can impact many areas of your Internet business.
  • Videos 5, 6, 7, & 8 - On Page Ranking Factors: Once you go through these lessons you will be able to have your site in excellent shape to start getting valuable search engine traffic! Optimize your site like a seasoned SEO professional!
  • Video 9 - Negative Ranking Factors: If you miss this video you may be doing stuff that will get you banned from the search engines all together.
  • Video 10 - Understanding Search Engine Updates: If you don't know where to find the latest search engine updates, or don't understand what these updates mean it could have detrimental impact on your traffic. This video will help you gain control over your rankings again, and help you stay one step ahead!
  • Videos 11, 13, & 13 - Link Building Strategies: Link building is the most powerful thing you can do to positively impact your website's search engine rankigns. If done wrong though you can crush your chances at free traffic. This is an in depth training on doing link building the right way! Finally understand how to do link building so you don't get banned from the search engines.
  • Video 14 - Social Media Marketing Strategies: You can't have a top SEO strategy without an effective social media strategy in place. They go hand in hand. You need both working for you to achieve the best results. Learn how to make them work for your business in this video.
  • Video 15 – Local SEO Methods: Discover exactly what you need to increase search engine rankings for your local business, or use this strategy to do work for small business owners in your area.
  • Video 16 - Analytics and Webmaster Tools: Learn how to effectively track your website's performance by using Google Analytics and Google's Webmaster tools.

BONUS #2: SEO Edge Software

SEO Edge Software analyzes a website, generates an SEO report card based off of a large list of weighted SEO factors, and then it creates an in-depth audit of the URL being analyzed.

It's basically the secret weapon to beat your competitors.

Finding all this information and keeping it current is difficult. With SEO Snapshot, you can see all of this inside one easy-to-navigate dashboard.

It is specifically designed to be as user friendly as possible, with features like:

  • SEO Score - Quickly visualize your overall SEO report card and compare it to your competition. Fix the SEO mistakes on your site, and increase your score… and rankings!
  • OnPage SEO Audit - Getting good backlinks is important, but making sure that Google sees your site as quality content that visitors will continue to go back to is crucial. If your on-page SEO isn’t up to par, you won’t rank. SEO Snapshot will help you fix this!
  • Rankings - Keep track of ALL of your rankings for as many keywords as you want. Ongoing rank checks ensure that the data you see is accurate and in real-time.
  • Traffic Estimation - See how your site stacks up against your competition!
  • Social Signals and Social Page Analysis - Complete breakdown of your social signal impact in SEO, as well as a full breakdown of your Facebook and Twitter page analysis.
  • Page Speed and Load Times - This is critical with ranking high, as Google’s algorithms give higher authority and ranking to faster loading sites with little errors. Fix all of the holes in your site after analyzing these key metrics.
  • Mobile Analysis - How does your site fair on mobile devices? This is critical when ranking high on Google from mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Android, and tablets.
  • And many more types of reports!

Bonus #3: The Amazon Free Traffic Blueprint

Your e-Commerce website needs traffic and this bonus will help you to get free traffic quickly and easily particularly by promoting Amazon's products on your e-store.

This traffic method is for your Wordpress website, you can grow your WordPress website through content & social marketing.

While bonus #1 is mostly focused on Google, the traffic generation tactics and strategies in this bonus do not depend on Google. Google traffic is great, but Google likes to change its mind regularly about which sites to reward, and which sites to punish. So if you're really looking to build a valuable site that gets a ton of traffic, leads and sales, it's vital you diversify your traffic.

That's what this bonus is all about... attracting high quality traffic from multiple sources WITHOUT paying for advertising.

You will learn how to grow your Wordpress website traffic in almost any market. And very importantly, these results can then continue to come in for years when you're doing it correctly and maintaining the traffic source.

In this special bonus, you will learn:

  • How to research and organize keywords that help your site attract huge traffic
  • How to decide what (and when) to publish to your Wordpress site
  • Options that allow you to write great content quickly and easily
  • How to "amplify" your content so it quickly reaches the widest audience possible
  • A detailed introduction to speeding up your WordPress site for higher rankings

Bonus #4: The Amazon Fresh Bundle Plugin

The Amazon Fresh Bundle is a Wordpress plugin that lets anyone add professional, high-converting bundles to their sites… created from ANY Amazon products you want to group together.

Let me explain - the elite Amazon affiliates don’t “namby-pamby” around trying to sell a single product… or even a single line of products… no chance.

The top amazon sellers focus on selling multiple products to the same customer…

They don’t just sell a camera: they sell a camera AND two lenses AND a camera bag AND a book on photography.

They don’t sell products, they sell bundles.

So by adding this plugin into your e-Commerce affiliate store, you too can be selling bundles like this on automation to easily 3X your commissions!

  • Every bundle shows the total amount saved from the RRP on the entire bundle to make your offers even more attractive.

  • Fresh Bundle Software gives you a 90-day Amazon cookie, compared to the usual 24 hours… so you don’t lose your sales to some other guy that comes along with a cheap trick to scoop up your traffic.

  • Use fully customizable calls-to-action to control every item of text within your bundle and lead your visitor all the way to the sale.

  • Use Amazon’s own in-house technology to decide which bundles will convert best.

Plus, We're Taking on ALL the Risk. You Make Significant Money, Or This is Free.

We want you to use Alterzon right now and over the next 60 days, see how quick and easy you can start getting free traffic and making sales.

See how easily you can make unique, authority sites that offer buyers and visitors and incredible experience with tons of amazing features all under one hood.

See how your product listings get tons more attention, clicks, leads and sales...

And I guarantee, if Alterzon doesn’t help boost your traffic and sales within 60 days or sooner…you won’t pay a single dime.

Instead, we'll refund every penny, no questions asked.

Just go to, open a ticket, say 'I want a refund', and in short order you'll get just that.

You can only make such a guarantee when you know your product is high quality and actually solves a huge problem.

The point is — I know this works and I KNOW it can work for you. Just give it a shot and prove us wrong.

Get Access Today

Go ahead and click on the button below to secure your access now and we'll see you on the inside.

Alterzon Pro License

Use on 50 Domains

Import 1000 Products Per Site

All Features Listed on Page Included

One time payment $23

Get Access to Alterzon Now
  • 60 Day Guarantee

P.S — Did you know, most of your sales will come from repeat buyers? Shiny tools and generic site builders may give you a sale here and there, but won't establish a longterm following or list.

These days, the only way to get people to buy from you multiple times is by giving them an awesome shopping experience they can’t find anywhere else.

I’m talking about huge product selections, price comparisons, stock notifications, price alerts, real time discounts… so they can make informed decisions… without needing to leave your website. Letting you build a real audience and brand.

We call these “Authority Stores” and with Alterzon, you can create them in seconds. Just log in, tap a few buttons, and watch the magic happen for years to come.

But you need to act fast — as we can't sell the software for this low of a price and actually profit. Buy now to lock in your discounted access to Alterzon, along with top-notch support, exclusive affiliate training and our 100% success guarantee.


What All Am I Getting Today?
If you buy Alterzon Pro License, you'll get everything showed on the salespage including the plugin, rights to use it on 50 domains, and the Affiliate Authority training course.
Is This is Cloudbased App?
No, Alterzon is a plugin that works with Wordrpess and WooCommmerce. To use it, you need to have Wordpress installed with Woocommerce installed as well on your own domain and hosting. We've coded it this way to allow maximum flexibility and features to help you get results.
Is There Support and Training?
Yes, in addition to the entire Affiliate Authority course you're getting detailed tutorials on how to setup and use Alterzon + support if you run into any issues. This is a no monthly fee license currently, so you get access to this version of Alterzon with no monthly fees currently.